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1500 N. Oakland Ave.
P.O. Box 2107
Carbondale, IL 62902
Ph: (618) 457-8191
Fax: (618) 549-0131

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E.T. Simonds Construction Company, with its general offices located in Carbondale, Illinois, was founded in 1946 by Eugene T. and Emma K. Simonds. Its principle business activity is heavy construction, which includes, but is not limited to, building and maintenance of highways, roads, bridges, runways, dams and parking lots.

Our reputation as an outstanding company has resulted from the belief that the best methods of construction, use of the best materials available, the best equipment and superior employees is necessary. Management has always required, and will continue to require, that our finished product be of high quality.

The management of E.T. Simonds Construction Company operates its affairs in what we consider to be the best business manner possible. In doing this, we insist that all activity be accomplished in an ethical and honest fashion. We want to do superior work in a quiet manner, using the best equipment, and the best methods available. Our goal is to see that all Owners and/or Customers are pleased with the finished product, and are pleased with E.T. Simonds Construction Company for having done a superior job.

Our company is interested in hiring, and retaining, only those individuals who are willing to provide their services in a fashion consistent with our philosophy and business standards. In other words, we will strive to have superior employees willing to do superior work.

Personnel, whether they be management, the office and engineering support teams, or our field employees, are critical to the quality product, which must also be constructed efficiently and profitably. It is this profitability that perpetuates a healthy business, which in turn, allows compensating employees in an equitable fashion. We believe that our employees should be happy to work for E.T. Simonds Construction Company not only because they are fairly compensated, but also because the company provides a work environment that enables each employee to maintain dignity, self-respect and pride in their work.


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